Day 8 of the 416 Fire in Durango

Day 8 of the 416 Fire in Durango, Colorado. Being my first year to live here gives me an understanding of the magnitude of the disaster of fires. The firefighters have to brave not only the fire but also the heat, climb mountains with heavy gear, and do all this in high altitude. My subdivision is not in danger, but we are full of evacuees. There are over 1700 homes evacuated and over 1600 that are on pre-evacuation alert. It brings me a lot of pride to see how the people of Durango have a sense of community in response to the #416Fire. The volunteering, donations, and the opening of homes have been a phenomenal quality of our beloved people. The picture in the photo is a pic that I took yesterday morning from the mountain of Ft Lewis College. It is a picture of the valley of Downtown Durango.

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